What is Zipgun?

This is an ongoing graffiti documentation project focusing mainly on the rawer, illegal elements of West Coast graffiti from Los Angeles to the Bay Area. The main photo feed can be seen by adding us on Instagram.

When was Zipgun first published?
Zipgun is also a quarterly publication containing a range of graffiti / lifestyle photography and artist interviews. The first issue was printed in 2008. Since then there have been 14 editions with a 15th currently in production. There has also been a number of one shot specials, artist zines, and experimental projects printed under the Zipgun name.

Where is Zipgun based?
The brand is located in Los Angeles, CA.

Where do you get your stickers?
Stickers are designed in-house and provided by a variety of sponsors, plugs, and friends.

What’s with the No-Trade policy?
Despite popular opinion, producing stickers can be an expensive, time-consuming process. Show us a print shop, screen-printer, gas station, utility company, ISP, shipping outlet, etc. which accepts hand drawn graffiti stickers as currency and we’ll be happy to trade with you.