Special Delivery 2012

Special Delivery 2012, transformed an abandoned three story ink factory in Berkeley into a definitive exhibition of Bay Area graffiti writers, street artists, muralists and fine art painters. Organized and executed by East Bay-based Endless Canvas, attendance ran into the thousands, engulfed an unsuspecting neighborhood and featured in local news channels for days afterward.

Endless Canvas hooked it up and allowed us access into the location a night before the big event. It was a race against time as lighting conditions were quickly fading and there was JUST SO MUCH EVERYWHERE. But, this selection of photos gives you an idea of the size and scope of this project as well as an idea of some of the 45+ artists who contributed to the event.
Just how crackin’ was it opening night? Check back this week when we release part 2!
Please note, we winged it with a few of these photo tags! Email us at zipgunmag@yahoo.com for corrections. Thx.

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